Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Day Six Becoming a Princess and visiting a animal resuce center

We had a nice relaxing morning today. We went back to downtown Disney to go to the team mickey store to find Aaron a great baseball Disney gift. The store was all decked out and it was so fun to look around. We then went to the rain forest cafe for lunch. We thought the girls would love the animals and thunderstorm, but they were scared of it. After eating we took the bus back to the hotel where my grandmother meet us.
My grandmother is a fairy godmother in Cinderella's castle and we waned her to do her up as a princess. She could not get us a discount on it and felt bad having us pay so much. So she came to our hotel and did it. Emma loved every minute of it and looked so magically when she was finished.
After she was all done up, we went home with my grandparents were we met my aunt. She is only 9 months older than me but she is still my aunt. She works at a animal rescue center and wanted to give us a tour. Emma loved to see all the animals and looked out of placed all done up like a princess. Stella was even able to feed a bear which she didn't know what to think about. It was so fun to spend time with them and get to see where they live since they have moved since the last time we stayed with them.