Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Day Five Epcot

Epcot has always been our favorite park and we could not wait to take the kids. The day did not turn out to be as beautiful as yesterday but we knew we would have a fun day. We started with the iconic ball and did the ride within it. Then went to character signing to see Micky, Minnie, goofy, Pluto, chip and dale. It was nice to see them all in once place. Then my grandpa had to leave to get my grandma so we were left alone the rest of the day. Which meant less pictures and no tour guide, but we managed. While we went to the different countries we stopped and saw some of our most favorite characters.
We got to ride some of our favorite rides: test track and sorin. We also saw the funniest show that was done with Crush. And yummy lunch in Mexico! We had a wonderful time together and even got to see the firework show. we picked a place right behind the pole so the view was unobstructed. We could still see it and it was beautiful.

This picture is strange, but it shows Emma's favorite part of Disney! Her light up spinning Minnie. We told her that she could pick one thing she really wanted as a souvenir. After looking for three days she picked the thing she wanted the first night. This Minnie mouse. Which was nice because it was reasonable without our grandparents discount.


Cheri and Eric said...

Well, I'm finally getting caught up on blogging, and wanted to say HOW JEALOUS I am that I couldn't go with you! I'm sure that Emma and Stella had a ball! love dad