Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Day Seven visiting hotels and saying goodbye

On our last day in Disney we wanted to see the rest of the park. Disney has some of the most amazing hotels and we wanted to see them all and take Aaron to eat at the ESPN club one of his favorite places. We started the day by FINALLY finding the playground at our hotel. It was so big that it took us 7 days to find it tucked away in the corner.

Then my grandfather picked us up and gave us a tour of the hotels. They are all over the top and so grand. We wished we would have stayed in some of them and then looked up the prices and decided our room was just great! Then we had a late lunch at the ESPN club, Emma loved that there were TVs everywhere even in the bathrooms! The we took the ferry over to the yacht and beach club and played in the man made beach. It was so beautiful and sunny that we just sat there forever soaking it all up knowing that we would have to go home tomorrow.

Then my grandpa dropped us off and we went swimming and relaxed while we waited for my aunt and her new boyfriend to meet us. We had dinner and visited for a while. It was nice to spend time with them, but we had to go to bed early know that an early day was coming for us tomorrow!


Evan and Lauren said...

Yeah! looks like this was a gorgeous day on your vacation!!! All these pictures are making me so excited for our trip to Florida in a few weeks!