Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Coming home and valentines day

Coming Home... what a day that was. When we booked our flights I had found such a killer deal I didn't even look to see when the flight home was. Well It left at 8:00 in the morning. So the shuttle came to get us 3 hours early. So just after 4:00 in the morning we got up. I had gotten the girls ready the night before so we could just grab them and go. The clothes and everything they needed were packed away. Well as soon as we got them up they were wide awake. So its was 5 in the morning and they are talking and playing, it was the strangest thing! We get to the airport and the lines to check in where huge. Who would have thought that early in the morning there would be so many people there. We somehow managed to entertain the kids till the flight, and yet they were still awake! They took a quick cat nap on the flight to Colorado. And then were awake the rest of the day... a flight home and the 2 hour car ride. When we got home the were so tired and so they went to bed early and slept hard.

It was so strange coming home... one because it was cold and we were use to the Florida sunshine and two because my sister had moved out while we were gone. It was so strange having the house empty. She moved in with us in July and her and her little one have been here since. We were so used to the noise that the quiet was so hard to get used to. We left the unpacking and everything to do for the next day and Aaron and I crashed hard not looking forward to real life the next day.

Funny the next day was valentines day. We woke up and did pink heart pancakes, which were a huge hit with the girls. Then we gave them their gifts. Later that night we got a heart shaped pizza, one of our favorites! It was a nice relaxing night which we needed from adjusting back to normal life.