Monday, April 18, 2011

Day Three Magic Kingdom

We could not wait to take the girls to magic kingdom! We were all ready with our autograph book to see all the characters. The day started rainy and really cold. But we got some nice sunshine in the middle of the day. My Nana had to work so my papa took us around till she got off. We started with toon town since after our visit they were tearing it down to build a larger fantsy land. Emma loved seeing Mickey Mouse and playing around. Next was the carousel which was Emma favorite part and she even got to ride Cinderellas horse. My Nana worked in Cinderellas castle so we stopped in and saw her and Emma got some fairy dust. We walked around the rest of the park seeing some of the must sees but also having to skip some like splash mountain because of the weather. We meet up with my Nana when she got off work and saw some great great shows like the laugh floor with mike and had a wonderful dinner. We then waited in a forever long line to see the princesses. It was worth it because it was the girls favorite part and Stella loved Cinderella. Then we went to go watch the fireworks. They were so beautiful and we loved the way the lighted the castle up in different colors. They day was so fun, wish we would have known where all the character where a head of time because we missed some of them because they were in weird spots. But we got a good chunk of them and Emma was really happy with them! We were so tired from walking around all day but it was so worth it.


Evan and Lauren said...

SO FUN! I love the pictures of the girls meeting the Princesses... so precious :)

Marley Family said...

How fun! I want to go there someday and get fairy dust sprinkled on me!