Thursday, April 7, 2011

Day 2 Sea World/ Downtown Disney

Day two was spent at Sea World. We knew that we wanted to do something else besides Disney. And after looking at all our options we thought that Sea World would be the best option. Like we were asked a million times if we were going to Harry potter, we sure wanted to but didn't think the kids would enjoy it has much and that was really important to us!

Sea World did not let us down. The animals and shows were far more than I had remembered or had expected. The girls just loved all the animals and the day was so warm and sunny that we just enjoyed walking around and seeing everything. Some of our favorite were:

Aaron somehow convincing Emma to ride this ride. They are in the very back. Afterwards she was so freaked out we bought her a blue treat because she had been such a brave girl. It worked but the remainder of the trip if she sensed a ride was scary no way was she going on it!

Of course the whale show has to be on here. Even though they cant go in the water with them anymore it was still beautiful.

But the best show has to be the dolphin and bird show. they did all sorts of tricks with them and the actors even were suspended in the air dancing. It was so fun to watch!

A huge storm rolled in late afternoon and we had seen most of the park so we decided to call it a day. My grandparents dropped us off at our hotel. This is a picture of the lobby, it's was so over the top and there was so many fun things to do there. But we decided to go to downtown Disney for some dinner and shopping. We took the bus from our hotel over there and then it started raining real hard. We got our our trusty Disney ponchos and braved it. We had the best dinner at a place called Earl of Sand which. Tasty Tasty. Then went to the shops. We got to see all sorts of crazy things. It was so fun to relax and spend time together. When we got home we were all wet and we all needed nice warm baths and showers. Then off to bed because day three would be a long day in...